Where Does Your Rubbish End Up?

Have you ever wondered where your rubbish ends up? Not so many people are bothering to think about rubbish. Every day, you always do something that makes the rubbish bins unemptied. Pretty sure that you are not even aware how much rubbish you have in a day.

Can you even imagine how much rubbish is disposed every day? Actually, millions of tons are generated every month. So, if we are all contributing to such huge amount of garbage every day, then sooner or later we won’t have enough space to build houses and establishments.

As a responsible citizen of our country, we should help in cleaning the neighborhood. Of course, this starts at home. Be aware about how much rubbish your community has generated. And then, learn how you can minimize the bulk of garbage you have.

What happens to your rubbish?

Many people do not care about what the people concerned are doing with the solid waste materials that are disposed every day. But, it could have been better if everybody knows about it. So, we have here a few materials listed for you to know what happens to them.

  • Plastic

Before plastic materials go under the process of recycling, they must be sorted out first. After sorting, they will be processed into a pellet. And then, this pellet will be used as a material to come up with various stuffs such as, furniture, home décor, toys and equipment. You can even buy this recycled items at a cheaper price.

  • Paper

Do you know that paper is recycled for various purposes? There are those who recycle it to make stationeries, books and materials for crafting stuffs.

  • Cans

Cans that are made of aluminum and tin are collected and recycled. They do a certain process and use this cans to come up with a new can. This is a great way of saving energy because raw materials are less used due to the recycled materials.

  • Glass

One way of reducing the emission of carbon dioxide is recycled glass that are dumped from house use. It could have been better if glasses are properly sorted and recycled. So that this material can be used in road construction.

Where rubbish goes

It could have been better if we are all aware where our rubbish goes. So, we have here a list of where your rubbish ends up after collected from your homes.

  • Landfills

How do you feel looking at the landfills? Most of the time, you can find a mountain of garbage here. Of course, expect various insects and animals hanging around and scavenging for stuffs.

  • Recycling and Composters

Solid materials that you dumped must be recycled. Paper, plastic, bottles, cans and glass are sorted and recycled. While, rubbish and spoiled food waste are used in the compost process for agricultural purposes.

  • Incinerators

This uses a machine to burn solid wastes and turn them into ashes. With this process, we can minimize the garbage dumped in the landfills.

  • Digesters

Here, machines are also used to convert organic waste materials into an energy or fertilizer. This would be very helpful in the field of agriculture.

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