Are You Ready World? ‘Cos Here We Come!

ZBs Enviromental Protection

If you somehow landed on this page. Then you might be wondering what the hell? No pages yet, pretty blank except for this single opening post. We don’t blame ya. There isn’t much  information on this website.. yet.

To keep this post short and sweet.. we’ve just acquired this domain and we’re showcasing our hidden passion (well it won’t be hidden any longer when the word gets out there about this blog of ours!) of protecting the environment. In particular we want to ideally make this world free of waste. many would say an impossible task – but it is an aim that we at ZB’s intend to aspire to. Aim high and you keep the possibility open. If you don’t, how the hell are you suppose to achieve it? Right?

You might see other similar websites/blogs like ours and we’re cool about it. In fact, at this moment in time.. there are many other similar small blogs talking about “enviroment protection”, “waste free environment” and “save the world” etc etc. We’re not trying to be unique but instead we are hoping to really spread the message of “let’s clean up this world and keep it that way!”

In the next couple of days (or even in the next few hours!) we are hoping to post regularly to keep our readers (you) engaged in what we strongly believe in. Posts might be random in title but it will carry a common core message about striving for a clean environment. Information overload? Perhaps. But we won’t apologise because we are damn passionate about it!

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